Can I get a quote for a potential job?

Of course - please contact us with detailed information and we'll get you a quote as soon as possible.


How can I supply my print-ready file?

We can accept files via website upload, email, USB, or CD.


What file formats do you accept?

Recommended: PDF, Adobe Creative Suite (AI, EPS, IDML, INDD, PSD, etc.), Corel Draw (CDR)

Supported: Images (TIFF, JPG, PNG, etc.)

*Not Recommended: Microsoft Office (DOC, DOCX, PAGES, PUB, etc.)

*Usage of these files may incur a file preparation fee.


Do I need to send bleeds?

If your artwork bleeds, please be sure to include 1/8" bleed area on all sides and crop marks. The safe area for text is 1/8" inside the final cut size. Text outside of this area risks getting cut off.


How can I ensure my fonts won't change when you print my file?

Please be sure to convert all text to outlines or curves to ensure there are no font issues.


What color mode should my files use?

Files should be submitted in either CMYK or Spot Color. If you've contacted us regarding a press job, your files will have to be in Spot Color to properly separate for the printing plates. RGB files may result in a color shift (typically duller colors, although sometimes a complete shift in tones) and are not recommended.


What resolution should my images be?

Supplied images should be at a high resolution of 300dpi (or more), and optimally at the size they will be printed. Low resolution images may result in "blurry" prints.


How can I find out an image's DPI?

On a Mac:

  • Open your image in Preview
  • On your Header Toolbar click "Tools" then "Show Inspector"
  • In the new window that appears you should see "Image DPI"

On a PC:

  • Open your image in Paint
  • On your Header Toolbar click "File" then "Properties"
  • In the new window that appears you should see "Resolution"

How do I export my Microsoft Word file as a PDF?

You can follow the steps below for most versions of Word:

  • Open the Word Document you need to export
  • On your Header Toolbar click "File" then "Save As"
  • In the new window that appears, beside "File Format" select "PDF" and then click "Save"
  • Your PDF is now ready for print!

Here is an example of how to export from Word 2007 on a PC:


Are images off the internet okay to print?

No - they are often under copyright law and are low resolution.


Can you make graphics for my project?

Absolutely! Please come visit us so we can get more information and learn about your project. All design work is charged our standard design/layout fee.


Can you scan my artwork and turn it into a print/note card/etc. for me?

Yes, but please be aware that any specific color matching may result in additional fees.


How quickly can I get my product?

Detailed print jobs requiring quick turnaround (fewer than 5 working days from approved proof) will be subject to additional fees. Please contact us for details.


Can I get a proof before you print my order?

Yes! We are happy to supply proofs via email or hardcopy.


I ordered a product from another print supplier and it didn't turn out correctly. Can you fix it?

Yes! One of the major benefits of being able to communicate with our customers directly is that we can catch problems before your products are printed. If you can supply us with the files, we can work with you to produce the results you want.


I need to cancel my order. Can I get my money back?

We're sorry to hear that! Customers are responsible for paying for any printed products as well as any design/layout time incurred on their projects. Please contact us with more information if you need to cancel an order.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, or credit card (Discover, Mastercard, and Visa).


How much will my order cost?

Due to the many specific costs associated with detailed orders (cutting, folding, collating, etc.), each price is specific to each order's exact needs. We'll be happy to supply you with a quote, please just allow some time for calculation!


When do I pay for my order?

We are happy to have you pay upon pickup, or for businesses we offer to mail/email you an invoice. We also accept a deposit upon consultation.

What happens if my submitted file isn't print ready?

If the artwork you submit isn't ready for print we will notify you once and detail the necessary alterations that need to be made. If your second artwork submission still isn't ready for print we will make the necessary changes and charge based on our hourly fee ($12 minimum).